Keep Giving Initiatives

giving back to the community

Our Keep Giving Initiatives provide annual events for the community.

brand new coats since 2017
youth with back-to-school supplies

Back-to-School Give Back

Every year we call on the community, organizations and businesses around the valley to supply school supplies for underprivileged youth in the community. Our event is held at Washington Park in NW Roanoke. The kids are able to get free haircuts, food, shoes, book bags and hygiene essentials, while ending the day with a swimming party at the pool.  Each year we serve over 600 youth. To date we have served 2,900 kids with supplies.

winter coat giveaway

This started as a challenge called “300 Coats In 30 Days.” We ended up surpassing our goal. In order to be even more effective, we began partnering with more local schools and providing brand new coats for their underprivileged youth.

To date, we have distributed 1,772 brand new coats.

Humble eats

The Humble Eats program is to intentionally teach inner-city youth about fresh produce and ingredients that will allow them to cook nutritional meals. Throughout this program, students will receive food vouchers to be able to purchase healthier groceries which they can then provide themselves, as well as their household a substantial meal rather than fast food. Youth will also receive the proper training regarding cooking safety to ensure they enjoy cooking while keeping their safety in mind.

Overall, Humble Eats will tap into creative and innovative opportunities to educate and empower our youth, highlighting the history, essential ties, and entrepreneurial potential of food and equitable food access.