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the humble hustle

roanoke, virginia

Humble Hustle is more than just two words. It’s a lifestyle.

who we are

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Our Mission

The Humble Hustle Company empowers black youth and connects diverse communities by creating innovative, inclusive spaces that inspire hope and promote giving.

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Our Name

Humble is the way we carry out our lives. We reject any need to show off, boast and brag about how great we are. We live and we live humbly. Hustle is the action that takes place on a day-to-day basis for each and every one of us to make it in this world.

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Our Vision

Our grassroots efforts that began 6 years ago allowed us to provide three incredible services to our Roanoke Community from our simple merchandise sales.

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youth to outdoor recreation events
brand new coats since 2017
youth with back-to-school supplies


Keep Giving Initiatives

Our Keep Giving Initiatives provide annual events for the community.

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The PRETTY Humble Program cultivates and develops young black women by empowering them through entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and leadership.

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Humble Hikes

The Humble Hikes program provides the chance to expand the youth’s horizons and experience the world around them in a positive and healthy way.

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Check back often for events updates! see past events here.
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We aim to empower the world to use every gift they have been given to help someone. We believe that our initiatives and programs provide exposure to new ways of thinking and a culture rooted in love.


Sponsors and partners

the wild way
WVA water authority
west end center
VA western
VA tech
village grill
imagine me
hollins univ
roanoke college
roanoke regional partnership
roanoke city PS
golden cactus
big lick
red sox
get2know noke
garland properties
GO fest


va outdoors foundation
community foundation
slow food


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2024 Roanoker Magazine Gold

"Most Innovative Local Company"
"Greenest/Most Eco-Friendly Local Company"
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2024 Roanoker Magazine Silver

"Best Local Company that Gives Back"