P.R.E.T.T.Y Humble Girls Youth Empowerment Program

The PRETTY Humble Program was started to not only provide support to the scholarship awardees, but to  provide an empowerment group for young ladies ages 7-15 who just want to be an all around better  person. We provide support and a fully loaded curriculum that encompasses:

Financial Literacy



Girls Empowerment/Educational Trips

Community Service

The program not only provides an outlet for these young women to better themselves but also sets them up with a bank account with Pinnacle Financial Partners that allow them to learn about money while saving it at the same time. Their fundraisers help them save money and then our program directors teach them to cut checks to make a donation to a local organization.


Gymnastics Scholarship (Detailed Below)

Here in the Roanoke City, it is very common for good talent to go unseen just because of lack of resources and financial situations. The HHC, Inc. is in partnership with The Roanoke Academy of Gymnastics and offer scholarships to students grades 4-8. The scholarship will allow each student to participate in the classes for one-two classes per week for one year.

Every year when the scholarship recipient is picked there is a scholarship luncheon held to award the kids. This is a free catered event where the community is welcomed to come celebrate the recipients.

The Humble Hustle Company,Inc. (501c3 non-profit organization) provides scholarships for young girls to do gymnastics. Here is a fun clip and glimpse of the event.

#KEEPGIVING Initiatives

Back To School Give Away

Every year the Humble Hustle Company partners with various local businesses and organizations to provide basic essentials to kids in the Roanoke Valley for them to help them be fully prepared to return back to school. The Back to School Give Away (Start City Give Back) has provided over 500 backpacks, school supplies, hygiene items, and more to students grades K-12.

WInter Coat Give AWAY

The Winter Coat Give Away is another #KeepGiving initiative where the community gets involved and helps us provide BRAND NEW winter coats to students at local schools. In 2017 THHC, Inc. provided over 280 coats to students at Lincoln Terris Elementary School. Every year we aim to provide more and each bigger schools.


The Humble Hikes Program

The Humble Hikes program provides the chance to expand the youth’s horizons and experience the world around them in a positive and healthy way. Just like everyday life, individuals will be challenged both mentally and physically during these hikes.  There will be moments when the trails get tough and participants may want to give up; with help of mentors and volunteers from the community, the youth will be pushed to finish what they started. They will learn that by fighting through adversity and stepping outside of their comfort zone, the final outcome will be much more rewarding. Our goal is to show these young adults alternative opportunities while teaching them valuable life lessons that they can apply when making positive choices in their daily lives. 

If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer/mentor for any of our other programs please contact thehumblehustleco@gmail.com 

Thank you to all of our sponsors, Please check out pictures and videos below.